Woodcreek Cheer Principles

  • -I come to practices and games ready to put forth the maximum effort it takes to succeed.
  • -I am always open to learning and improving.
  • -I function in the "learning zone" and not the "comfort zone."
  • -I hold nothing back and I am not constrained by fear
  • -I am goal driven and I constantly work towards meeting and exceeding the goals set by my teammates, my coach and myself.
  • -I understand that excellence is never and accident and that it is the result of the intentions, the efforts, and the execution that I put forth.​
  • -I give nothing than my 100% effort at all time and expect my teammates and coaches to do the same.
  • -I posses a "we not me" attitude.
  • -I put the needs of the team as a whole before my own individual needs.
  • -I do everything necessary to ensure the safety of all of my teammates.
  • -I gracefully accept and apply constructive criticism given to me by my coaches and teammates.
  • -I understand that an improvements I make are to be applied from then on out and not just once.
  • -I am honest and clear in my communications with my teammates and my coaches.
  • -I am aware that the teams actions in and out of uniform are a direct reflection of the program and will bring it to my teammates attention when they are out of alignment with the programs principles.
  • -I display a positive and encouraging attitude at all times.
  • -I am passionate about the sport of cheerleading and the Woodcreek Cheer program.
  • -I promote school spirit and maintain good sportsmanship at all times.
  • - I come to all practices already knowing any and all material that is expected of me.
  • -I arrive at all practices, games and events ready to start on time with the correct attire, hairstyle and make up already on.
  • -I am focused at all time and I do not waste my team's, my coach's or my own time.
  • -I show my teammates, my coach and myself respect at all times.
  • -I respect the Woodcreek Cheer program by following all of the rules set both in the handbook and aligning myself with the programs principles.
  • -I do not back talk my coaches or my teammates because I am in control of my attitude and actions.​